Developing your software solutions for the entire world of logistics. Our expertise of 250 employees from 7 branch offices, combined with a spirit of innovation and goal orientation, guarantees this.

More than 30 years of experience in the logistics and IT sector and the integration of best practices accrued from more than 1,600 customers worldwide make our logistics software a profitable business solution for you.

Optimise your processes with our software. Gain the decisive competitive edge and reduce your costs. Your success is what keeps us moving.

Our success story in milestones

1991 – 1995
1998 – 2000
2003 – 2009
2010 – 2012
2013 – 2015
2016 – 2017
2018 – 2019
2020 – 2021
2022 –
  • Founding of the company as an IT service provider
  • Change of the company name to Soloplan GmbH
  • Launch of the logistics software Counter and FuhrparkManager
  • Move to new building
  • Launch of the telematics service CarLo inTOUCH
  • Launch of the warehouse software CarLo inSTORE
  • Recertification of the interface to SAP ERP
  • Implementation of role-based user concepts for the integration of corporate structures
  • Launch of automatic tour planning
  • Implementation of the loading space optimisation functionality
  • Gold Partner status with Microsoft and Oracle (development partners)
  • Number of employees exceeds 80, plans to extend the company building are set up
  • Completion of the eE-Tour Allgäu project, award for the lead project 2011
  • Opening of the branch office in Katowice/Poland
  • Migration of the development environment to .NET
  • Changes to the brand image of Soloplan
  • Expansion of the existing office space to approx. 3,000 m²
  • Launch of the development platform CarLo inAPP
  • Opening of the sales office in La Rochelle/France
  • Launch of CarLo Marketplace
  • Opening of the branch office in Dresden
  • Extension of Soloplan’s services in Europe with external partners or own branch offices
  • Founding of the branch office Soloplan France SARL
  • Launch of CarLo exCHANGE
  • Launch of CarLo inAIR&SEA
  • Move to new office in Dresden
  • Setting the course for the new office building at the Berliner Platz (Illerhöhe), Kempten
  • Founding of the branch office Soloplan SA (Pty) Ltd in South Africa
  • Completion of the new development of CarLo with .NET
  • Development of CarLo inTOUCH for the iOS operating system
  • Increase of installations on an international level
  • Extension of the telematics solution for Android and iOS
  • Move to and opening of the new location Soloplan City (May 2019)
  • New opening of the business hotel Soloplan City Resort in Kempten
  • Expansion of the telematics solution CarLo inTOUCH to include voice control functions
  • Market launch of CarLo inHUB for mapping all cross-docking processes
  • Implementation of artificial intelligence in transport planning
  • Opening of the Innovation Lab at the Kempten University of Applied Sciences
  • Launch of CarLo Web2Go
  • Founding of the branch office in Wroclaw, Poland
  • Founding of the branch office in Murcia, Spain
  • Move to the new office in Dresden
  • Introduction of a new member into the Board of Directors at Soloplan SA (Pty) Ltd.
  • New development of CarLo inAIR&SEA

Family business

100% Soloplan – ONE partner to secure your investment over generations

Sound growth and sustainable development – built upon financial independence with a solid equity ratio with no external capital – are important to us.

We strategically and operationally decide on the direction of our development and are, therefore, accountable only to you and ourselves.

A fact in which we – in our opinion, with good reason – take pride in today’s world.

Wolfgang Heidl

Chief Executive Officer

Christine Heidl

Chief Financial Officer

Fabian Heidl

CEO International

Julian Heidl

Senior Sales Manager

Christian Heidl

Chief Development Officer

Key figures & goals

Freedom to decide that makes visions possible …

Small teams with clearly defined responsibilities and objectives allow for independent decisions.

… and makes room for innovative ideas.

Our continued cooperation with universities on research projects in the area of computer sciences, logistics and automotive aimed at supporting young talents is essential to us and regularly gives us important impulses.

Soloplan’s offices

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