Freight Exchange Portal


A simple way to transfer transports

With CarLo exCHANGE, we offer you a Web-based logistics platform that you can use to transfer transport orders and entire tours directly to subcontractors.

  • Transfer of the relevant documents as PDF files
  • Transport order accessible via direct link, without login
  • Item list with information on quantity, weight/volume and goods
  • Display of the planned stop sequence
  • Target (un)loading times
  • Address and contact of the (un)loading point


The Web-based company platform CarLo exCHANGE allows you to offer transport orders to your logistics partners via “Direct Order” or “Best Offer”.

With “Direct Order”, you directly select the forwarder and assign the order via the portal. With “Best Offer”, you offer transport orders with certain requirements to carriers in closed groups. You receive an offer from your partners, select the fitting partner and commission them with the execution of the order.

Quick replies

The actual and target data of the assigned transport orders is returned to you in real time. In CarLo, the freight documents of your subcontractors (e.g. delivery documents) are directly transferred to the respective order and can then be released for calculation.

  • Allocation via individual document categories
  • Your company’s team tracks the status of the transport orders live
  • Digital freight documents
  • Information on freely configurable data such as the vehicle class

Always and everywhere

By using modern Web technologies in your company, you can access the company platform CarLo exCHANGE from anywhere – from the office, your home office PC, or from a mobile device such as your mobile or tablet.   

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