Air and sea freight software


CarLo inAIR&SEA is one of the few systems worldwide that can integrate road transports of a forwarder as well as air and sea freight into a single system. The CarLo inAIR&SEA add-on adds the air and sea freight planning areas to the logistics software CarLo.

  • Consistent user interface for all areas
  • Evaluations across areas
  • All departments and branch offices work on a central database

  • No duplicate data entry
  • All transport sections directly at a glance
  • Complete information chain of all transport routes of the logistics sector

Sea freight software

Manage all transport details relevant for sea freight, such as shipping line and vessel specifications, with the sea freight software CarLo inAIR&SEA. Apart from transport planning between ports, you also have the possibility to cover the management of container pick-ups and returns.

  • Automatic validity check of container numbers
  • Printing of all documents relevant for sea freight, such as
    bills of lading
  • Tracking

  • Interfaces to online portals such as Dakosy and BHT
  • Integration and support of security and freight term information
  • Handling of sea freight conversion rates

Container management

Containers are the most relevant freight storage units in the sea freight area. Special functions in CarLo support the management of your own containers as well as the organisation of external containers.

  • Container registration via interface
  • Worldwide container tracking and statuses
  • Temperature tracking
  • Integration of the different container types
  • Evaluation and feedback for container registration
  • Integration of your own container master data

Air freight software

Manage all transport details relevant for air freight, such as airport specifications and heliports, with the air freight software CarLo inAIR&SEA. Apart from transport planning, the software also offers the possibility to communicate with the commissioned airlines.

  • Automatic splitting at airports
  • Entry of ETA, ETD, shipper, consignee, net rates, TACT rates
  • Import functionality for IATA codes
  • Connection to air freight platforms
  • Printing of all relevant documents, such as AWBs
  • Stock management for AWB numbers
  • Security Screening (e.g. Compliance)

Customs clearance

You can also manage customs clearance and transport-relevant data using the fully-integrated customs module in CarLo.

  • Entry of all relevant customs data
  • Data exchange with customs systems
  • Return of customs costs