CarLo – the tour planning software

that covers all of your transport processes!

CarLo is the comprehensive all-in-one solution for all forwarding, transport and logistics processes. Air and sea freight, telematics system or CrossDocking: Individually extend the tour planning software CarLo using the add-ons best suited to match your requirements.


Optimise your processes with the flexible logistics software – from order entry to planning to automatic tour planning and invoice creation.

CarLo inHUB

The comprehensive HUB control for the integration of all CrossDocking processes, from the sender via the transshipment HUB to the receiver.


The integrated telematics solution including voice control for optimal communication between drivers, dispatchers and customers. Easily access tours, orders, actual times/status messages, notifications, driving times, documents and much more from your mobile device.


Use the service of the Web-based carrier platform for tenders, electronic freight assignment and the transfer of transport orders including all freight-relevant documents to subcontractors.

CarLo Cloud Services

The Web solution for the tour planning software CarLo allows you to access your CarLo data from anywhere: from the home office with your laptop, or on the go with your smartphone.

CarLo inTOUR

The comprehensive programme for routing and toll cost calculation. Benefit from optimal truck route planning, customisable truck attributes and vehicle-specific profiles on the database system.


The integrated warehouse management solution for optimal planning, control and optimisation of the processes for increased transparency and more efficient processing in the warehouse.


The ideal air and sea freight management solution for intermodal transport chains. The add-on allows you to conveniently combine road transports with air and sea freight transports without difficulty.


The software for proper fleet management in accordance with legal requirements: Vehicle appointments, driver’s licence checks and much more–plan, execute and document.

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Work more efficiently with CarLo

Using the intelligent tour planning software CarLo will make the everyday work in your company less stressful, help you avoid errors, and increase efficiency.

With CarLo

  • Time and cost savings
  • Prevention of transmission errors
  • Simple connection to existing systems
  • Automated creation of reports and statistics
  • Intelligent and paperless transport planning with artificial intelligence and restriction tests
  • Automatic tour optimisation

Without CarLo

  • Inefficient and incorrect planning
  • Data transmission errors due to manual entry
  • No integration of existing systems
  • No automated evaluations and statistics
  • Complicated transport planning and double processing
  • No exact profit allocation for the vehicles