Telematics system


Digital order transfer

Orders are created directly in the Web interface and transferred to both CarLo and the telematics app CarLo inTOUCH. The configuration options allow you to display transport orders individually. Among others, these are:

  • (Un)loading address and (un)loading times
  • Contact data of your contacts
  • Stop sequence
  • Freight documents

CarLo inTOUCH Telematics Soloplan CarLo TMS

Tour statuses at a glance

Status messages in the telematics system CarLo inTOUCH inform your drivers and planners about the current status of the tour. These messages are then filed for further processing. This allows you to keep an overview of your entire fleet.

  • Current vehicle location can be viewed at any time through vehicle positioning
  • Visualisation of all tours on the digital map
  • Arrival and departure times
  • Waiting times at the stop
  • Loading unit feedback through the truck driver, e.g. number of exchanged pallets or actual weights of bulk goods

More comfort for your drivers

The telematics system CarLo inTOUCH not only simplifies planning processes, but it is also the perfect solution to facilitate the driver’s everyday work with the following functions:

  • Start your navigation with only one click
  • Connection to Google Maps/Apple Maps
  • All contact data of relevant contacts at a glance
  • Direct dial by phone possible by click
  • Automatic notification of tour changes
  • Optimal connection to truck navigation



With the CarLo inTOUCH telematics system, you no longer have to wait for the drivers to return; the documents are sent to you simply by means of image capturing while on the road. The chat function also eliminates time-consuming telephone calls with the drivers, and freely configurable checklists allow all data to be returned conveniently.

  • Integrated scanning function with automatic scaling
  • Allocation of documents to the current stop
  • Automatic return of documents
  • Automatic filing for the corresponding order in CarLo
  • Text messages and templates
  • Open camera/gallery
  • Document exchange
  • Voice messages
  • Immediate notification in case of new text messages
  • Notification of claim
  • Digital signature
  • Departure control
  • Feedback of actual weights and weighing notes
  • Automated creation of PDF files
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Voice control

CarLo inTOUCH is the first telematics system with an integrated voice control function. For you, this means that the communication between dispatcher, driver and customer is simplified. Enable the chat function or start a tour or navigation via voice control. The voice control of the telematics system makes manual operation superfluous and ensures greater safety in the driver’s cab through voice-controlled use.


The scan functionality allows you to handle collection and delivery scanning as well.
The driver can either use the camera function of their mobile device or special scanning hardware in order to scan barcodes.

  • SSCC scanning
  • Status for each SSCC
  • Hint for missing quantities
  • Recording of surplus packages
  • Proof of damage by image recording
  • Automated barcode recognition with the camera function

An excerpt of our references


Geofencing via GPS makes it possible to determine the actual times for arrivals at stops and departures from stops automatically, based on positioning. Furthermore, an automatic notification can be sent to the customer or dispatcher in case of a delay.


The telematics system CarLo inTOUCH and the corresponding mobile app are available in 15 languages. Among others, in German, English, Spanish, French, Polish, Croatian and Romanian.

Free download

The CarLo inTOUCH app for Android and iOS is available free of charge in the respective app store. Download the CarLo inTOUCH App here:

Flexible configuration

To ensure optimal use, the telematics system CarLo inTOUCH is individually configurable and adapts to your needs.