Warehouse management software


Transparent warehousing

Optimise your processes with the warehouse management software CarLo inSTORE and gain greater transparency and increased capacities for your warehouse management. CarLo inSTORE is the solution for optimal warehouse management in the logistics sector. The software can only be used in combination with the transport management system CarLo.

  • Integration of warehousing processes such as stock placement, removal and transfer in one system
  • Management of warehouse store places/racks under consideration of utilisation and dimensions
  • Sampling and full inventory with inventory lists
  • Calculation of warehousing charges and warehousing services


The warehouse management software CarLo inSTORE offers synergies with the logistics software CarLo as well as helpful functions for your company:

  • Automated stock removal process of a transport to a stored good
  • Central article management
  • Direct access to the order management warehouse stock
  • Elimination of duplicate entries
  • Reduction of processing times

Hardware scanner

Scan relevant information in a matter of seconds and automatically transfer it to the warehouse management software CarLo inSTORE.

  • Electronic data exchange with hand scanners
  • Transfer of stock placement, transfer and removal orders
  • Inventory and order picking
  • Electronic stock lists for articles and storage places