Fleet Management

Fleet Management Definition

It describes the management of a company’s vehicle fleet. Using a such system, the fleet can be monitored, controlled, planned and managed. The system, for example our fleet management software CarLo inMOTION, helps companies use resources and services efficiently and reduce the management effort and the costs.

Operating principle

Fleet Management

Fleet management works primarily with the support of special GPS transmitters that are attached directly to the vehicle. With this kind of GPS system, the dispatcher or fleet manager can accurately track the fleet and better coordinate vehicles and routes. Furthermore, the management of a commercially used fleet includes numerous tasks that are taken on by a fleet manager. These include, among other things, the following aspects:

  • Managing leasing and purchase contracts
  • Tour and route planning
  • Maintenance and repair management
  • Time management
  • Cost management and optimisation
  • Documenting relevant data, facts and processes


Vehicle tracking around the clock

With fleet management, logbooks are a thing of the past, because with the help of the software all data is recorded according to tax regulations and can be retrieved or read out at any time. You can also inform your customers about schedule changes, reduce unnecessary waiting times and thus increase satisfaction.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

By receiving constant feedback while driving, the driver can adjust his driving behaviour in the best possible way, thus reducing emissions and fuel consumption. This also minimises unsafe driving behaviour that could harm the driver, the vehicle or your company’s reputation.

Optimised navigation

Fleet management navigation draws on vast data sets and can therefore relay real-time traffic information. That way, traffic disruptions and traffic jams are detected early enough and avoided. Delays caused by road closures are a thing of the past due to the efficient alternate-route search. The driver is constantly on the fastest route thanks to fleet management navigation and can complete more orders in less time.

Employee management

Communication within the team is greatly facilitated. For example, the driver and dispatcher or fleet manager can use the system to coordinate the deployment and order status, and the driver can record or view his working time and remaining driving time.

Connection to the company software

With a fleet management system, you expand your company software with valuable data on vehicles, orders and employees. You can easily integrate our fleet management system CarLo inMOTION into your software solution. For more information, please make an appointment via our contact form.