Just in Sequence (JIS)

Just in sequence (JIS) refers to a delivery type in procurement logistics where the required goods are delivered to the right place at the right time in the right amount and processed immediately. The correct delivery sequence is essential, which is why the supplier also needs to pack and release the goods in this sequence. JIS is thus procurement logistics without stock, with delivery to production that is synchronised with the sequence.

Therefore, JIS is an extension of just-in-time (JIT) delivery, since the delivery in the correct sequence is added as an additional requirement. The goal of JIS is to keep transport, warehouse and stock costs as low as possible.

A typical area of application for JIS is the car industry. The supplier already packs and loads the parts in the correct sequence in advance, based on the specifications of the car manufacturer. The different parts are delivered on the assembly bands in this processing sequence–depending on the vehicle and the assembly sequence. It is no longer necessary to pre-sort the parts to be processed.

Just in Sequenz

Requirements for JIS delivery

  • Electronic data interchange via IT support
  • Smooth communication
  • Determination of the ideal delivery amount
  • Calculation of the correct times for follow-up deliveries
  • Detailed transport planning and timing
  • Established organisational structures

Advantages of JIS delivery

  • Avoiding highly complex warehousing with many individual parts
  • Simplified production through reduced complexity
  • Lower stock costs due to fewer storage places
  • Simplified implementation of individual products/variants
  • Improved use of space at assembly workplaces
  • Less assembly effort

Disadvantages of JIS delivery

  • Greater dependency on software/technology
  • Increased communication effort between receivers and suppliers
  • Risk of delays due to severe weather, traffic jams or detours
  • Risk of a production standstill in case of incorrect deliveries or supply bottlenecks
  • Not suited for parts with long delivery times

The transport management software CarLo stands out with many functions for the car sector. Apart from the planning of JIS/JIT deliveries, extensive bidirectional VDA interfaces, cross docking and the planning of company transports are also possible.