Per definition, telematics is a combination of the terms telecommunication and informatics, and also a fusion of the underlying technologies. Telematics links information from at least two systems. This takes place via a telecommunication system and a data-processing system. In the last years, telematics has mainly been used in the area of transport.

What is telematics in logistics?

In logistics, telematics generally stands for telematics solutions used in transport and logistics companies. In this context, telematics usually means a combination of a device and application that, above all, helps efficiently manage fleets.

All kinds of information regarding commercial vehicles, such as trucks, is recorded, transferred and processed. This includes, for example, traffic data, location data, driving behaviour, vehicle use and required maintenance for the vehicle. Ultimately, apart from profitability and performance, the main goal of a telematics solution is to increase the service quality for the user.

What are the advantages of a telematics system in logistics?

Cost-effective fleet management without telematics systems is possible in a complicated way and entails great communication effort from all employees. Above all, thanks to the great transparency and the resulting increased effectivity in all kinds of areas, telematics systems can reduce costs regardless of the size of the fleet. This is achieved, for example, with lower fuel costs due to the reduction of idle runs or fuel loss. Furthermore, lower maintenance costs are decisive. Through warning messages connected to data regarding the driving behaviour, the wear and tear can be monitored and expensive damage and repair costs can be avoided.

The implementation of a telematics solution can also have other significant advantages for a company, for example:

  • Vehicle positioning: Expected time of arrival (ETA) predictable based on current data, also from the office
  • Positioning of additional assets: Overview of parking locations of non-motorised assets such as trailers
  • Automation: Creation of driver’s logs and reports without manual effort
  • Fleet management: Complete display of the entire vehicle fleet
  • Vehicle maintenance: Monitoring of warranty services, engine hours and services and engine diagnostics
  • Increased security: Data-based foundation as feedback on driving behaviour and undesirable driving habits

With CarLo inTOUCH , Soloplan offers a simple introduction into telematics. The app is available in 15 languages, can be downloaded free of charge for both iOS and Android, and is integrated into CarLo as an add-on. Thanks to the positioning functionality, dispatchers can see the vehicles and tour routes on the digital map. The drivers receive their orders electronically on their devices and can contact the dispatchers via the chat functionality.