Artificial intelligence: Soloplan’s TMS CarLo revolutionises transport planning

Movies such as Terminator, Matrix or I, Robot shaped our idea of artificial intelligence. But what possibilities does artificial intelligence really offer? And what is artificial intelligence anyway? Who does the thinking and what does this have to do with transport planning? The average human brai...

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HUBER invests in Soloplan’s service quality

Since the end of April, the company Johann Huber Spedition & Transport GmbH from Austria has been using Soloplan's programmes CarLo and CarLo inTOUCH. In the following article, Johann Huber Spedition & Transport GmbH informs their customers about the key factors they considered in their deci...

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Soloplan City

We are moving – Welcome to Soloplan City!

The countdown is on – Soloplan GmbH is moving! As of 20 May 2019, we will support you from our new headquarters "Soloplan City" located at Illerhöhe 1 in Kempten. Many pictures of the building progress, our move and the new offices can be found in our Instagram story. As a result...

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