Tag der offenen Tür in Soloplan City

Open day at Soloplan City

Many people from Kempten had already heard of "Soloplan City". They knew it as the renovated building of the former military commissariat at Berliner Platz. However, only few of them knew what "Soloplan City" was really all about. Yet, that changed last Saturday, 14/09/2019, when "Soloplan City" op...

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Eröffnungsfeier Soloplan City

Opening ceremony with 180 guests

The year 2019 has been a very special one for the Heidl family and Soloplan GmbH: The new company building "Soloplan City" has been completed. Since the company relocated in May 2019, that building has been the new workplace of around 120 employees in Kempten. The year 2019 is also the year in which...

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Soloplan City

Invitation to the open day at Soloplan City

25 years of Soloplan – that is 25 years in which both the Soloplan employees and the Heidl family have shown great commitment and passion when it comes to their work. This dedication as well as the investment in innovative ideas and technologies have made Soloplan one of the most important softwar...

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