Tag der offenen Tür in Soloplan City

Open day at Soloplan City

Many people from Kempten had already heard of “Soloplan City”. They knew it as the renovated building of the former military commissariat at Berliner Platz. However, only few of them knew what “Soloplan City” was really all about.

Yet, that changed last Saturday, 14/09/2019, when “Soloplan City” opened its doors and attracted over 700 visitors to its site.

Guided tours through the building allowed visitors to take a look at the new premises and the roof terrace that offers a view of the Allgäu mountains. At numerous stops in the building, visitors learned some interesting facts about Soloplan GmbH and the logistics software CarLo. The guided tours were so popular that their number had to be doubled right from the start.

In addition to the well-attended guided tours through the building, numerous other activities were on the agenda: During a software development taster course, the participants were able to get a first impression of the work of a developer. Presentations on artificial intelligence provided an insight into the world of “machine learning” and during a code competition, hobby programmers were able to demonstrate their skills.
In the career lounge, visitors had the chance to learn about job offers and apprenticeship opportunities at Soloplan GmbH. Children were free to express their creativity by painting Soloplan jute bags.
Long lines also formed at the food trucks, for which every visitor received vouchers. “Kässpatzen” (a traditional Swabian dish), burgers and beverages were offered.

“I am very excited that so many visitors are interested in our company and would like to take a look behind the scenes of our family business,” says Fabian Heidl, CEO International of Soloplan GmbH.

The opening of “Soloplan City” was definitely a success in every way. The Heidl family and the entire Soloplan team would like to thank all visitors for coming!