Interview with Michael: The challenges as a branch and project manager

We are like a big family”
Branch and Projekt Manager in Dresden

Hello Michael. How long have you been working at Soloplan?

In total, I have been working at Soloplan for over seven years; I started here at the branch in Dresden in July 2014.

Which departments have you worked in so far and where do you work now?

Back then, I started out in the service department, and then I switched to the DHL team, where I took on the role of team coordinator. After my time there, I successfully switched to the project management team, where I have been working for four years now. Additionally, I am now also the branch manager of our office in Dresden.

What does your work as branch manager look like and what are your tasks?

In general, my tasks are everything that has to do with the Dresden branch–from home-office organisation during the Covid-19 pandemic to training sessions or documentations. Additionally, I am the contact person and coordinator of the branch office and the communicator with the company headquarters in Kempten and the other branches. Thus, my work looks different every day and is very diverse–I am never bored; quite the opposite.

What makes the location in Dresden so special to you?

Generally, the very familiar atmosphere here at Soloplan Dresden makes the location very special. We are like a small family. Everyone helps the others and we do a lot of things together. For example, the next team event is already set to take place in November! Outside of our working hours as well, we go out to eat or have a drink together. Due to the distance from the headquarters in Kempten, our branch gains some independence and flexibility–in contrast, however, some work processes are also more complicated when we work with departments consisting of employees from more than one branch.

How is the Dresden branch structured?

Soloplan Dresden is basically Soloplan Kempten “in small”. Basically, all departments, such as the service, development, project management and quality assurance department, are represented in Dresden–only the administrative departments are missing (accounting, marketing, …). For us, it is a great advantage to have all employees on one floor and to be able to reach all departments quickly by foot. Additionally, the seating plan is not only classically based on departments. That brings the advantage that topics affecting multiple departments become known to all employees immediately, which simplifies many processes and operations.

But soon, a lot will change at your location, correct?

Yes, we are moving next June. This is already our branch’s second move–that is how long I have already been with the company! The new offices we will move into early next summer are significantly bigger and more modern. We will also have a total of three training rooms instead of only one, as we do now. To sum it up, everything will be bigger and more open and we are very much looking forward to the move!

What advice do you have for applicants who are interested in the Dresden location?

They should definitely apply! The familiar atmosphere, the team spirit, the short trips, the quick coordination within the company and the multitude of exciting projects are without doubt good reasons to apply here. Furthermore, we are a diverse team; the average age is about 30 years.

What is your favourite part about Soloplan as an employer?

In general, my favourite aspect is that Soloplan is a family business. That simplifies decisions, as we do not need to endlessly discuss things, and that in turn speeds up the processes. Additionally, I personally very much enjoy the ever-changing work environment with different tasks and topics, which keeps my job diverse. That is exactly why I have been here for more than seven years!

Could you imagine working at Soloplan City in Kempten?

Kempten and the Allgäu are really very beautiful, but also very different from my home, Saxony. I enjoy visiting Kempten, especially because the new offices in Soloplan City, which were only completed in 2019, turned out very nicely. However, I would not move there for family reasons. Another reason is that I am used to the many advantages of living in a big city, which I could not do without. A small example are the long opening hours of the stores in Dresden, which I appreciate very much. In Kempten, a significantly smaller city in the tranquil Allgäu region, that is more rare.

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