Apprenticeship as a management assistant in IT systems at Soloplan

Are you looking for a perfect combination of technical and commercial aspects? Contact with customers is fine with you? Then an apprenticeship as a management assistant in IT systems at Soloplan is perfect for you, just like our apprentice Nico R.!

Good morning Nico, you are an apprentice in your second year of training. What else should we know about you?

I am 18 years old and started my apprenticeship in September 2018. In my free time, I like to play football, spend time with friends or do sports.

Tell us about your apprenticeship. Which tasks do you carry out?

At Soloplan, apprentices generally change departments every six months. That way, I work in the service, quality assurance, sales and project management departments, among others, during my apprenticeship. This also gives me the opportunity to get to know our software, “CarLo”.
In the service, IT and quality assurance departments, I learn technical aspects, such as the final inspection of development products and installation. In other departments, such as the sales or administration departments, I carry out commercial tasks, create presentations or evaluate statistics. The apprenticeship is a good combination of IT and commerce.
After my apprenticeship, I will have an overview of the tasks of the respective teams and can choose a department.

I am currently in the sales department, supporting my colleagues in the sales field service. I prepare very many presentations, statistics and evaluations and have even been to an on-site customer appointment. During a customer appointment, the most important goal is to present our logistics software CarLo and find out how CarLo can help the customer manage everyday challenges.

Presenting is one of the jobs I like the most. I currently represent Soloplan as a apprentice scout for the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) by presenting my apprenticeship to students. That is really a great opportunity to improve my presenting and advising skills outside of the company.

I am currently working on creating an internal platform for the sales department. I particularly enjoy being able to incorporate my own ideas.

How did you become aware of Soloplan in the first place?

I found out about Soloplan through a good friend who works there. Then, I applied for an internship. During the internship week, I had the opportunity to gain a comprehensive insight into the daily work at Soloplan. It quickly became clear to me that I wanted to start my apprenticeship at Soloplan.

After the internship, I was invited to an applicant’s day. First, we introduced ourselves and then, we participated in a short test of knowledge. Finally, each applicant held a short presentation.

Then, I was invited to a work trial, which is basically a day during which I had the opportunity to gain an insight into the company- In the end, there was a closing conversation during which we received all of the details about the apprenticeship and discussed the articles of apprenticeship.

Every three weeks, you go to the vocational school in Kempten. What does your timetable look like?

Most of my subjects are related to IT; but as I am training to be a management assistant in IT systems, I also have commercial subjects, e. g. Business Administration and Accounting. Apart from IT and commercial subjects, I also learn about topic areas such as social studies and religion.

What does your typical everyday work look like?

As my apprenticeship at Soloplan covers technical and commercial aspects, my daily work is very diverse. Usually, I coordinate with my colleagues and support them with the daily business. I also find the department meetings interesting; I am allowed to participate in them and even hold my own presentations. Additionally, all of the apprentices have the opportunity to take part in product training and internal training.

We often spend our lunch break together in the Work Café, and in the summer, on the roof terrace. I particularly enjoy the team events, which take place regularly – it is never boring at Soloplan.

2025: What will your typical everyday work look like in five years?

 I am definitely planning on staying at Soloplan! Because of my apprenticeship, I could start working in any department – in the quality management, IT or administration departments, among others. But I would prefer to work in the sales department. I enjoy working in a team and going to on-site appointments the most. The greatest case would be if I had my own sales area at some point and could attend to my own customers.

What makes Soloplan a good company for apprentices?

The good work climate and the solidarity between the colleagues impressed me from the start. All of the employees welcomed me in a very friendly way and I felt comfortable right away. It is also important to me to work in a company where I can take over my own responsibility. Another advantage is that Soloplan has a relatively young team, so we like to make plans together after work, too.

Soloplan also offers three other types of apprenticeships. They will be introduced in the following weeks. The interviews deal with the apprenticeships as an IT specialist for application development or system integration and a management assistant in marketing communication.
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