Automatically more efficient with workflows in CarLo

The logistics software CarLo, developed by Soloplan GmbH, uses automated workflows to facilitate all transport processes. The company, which has its headquarters in Kempten, Germany, customises the workflows based on the requirements of the customer. Over 1,100 customers worldwide use the transport management system to increase their efficiency and optimise their processes using workflows.

Automated work processes, so-called workflows, combine and organise the individual components and steps within a work process. An automatic process that consists of activities with transitional measures is created. Those transitional measures refer to business processes or organisational processes. In contrast to cooperative processes, where synchronous collaboration is supported, workflows are characterised by their coordinative character, in particular. In the logistics sector, that involves, in particular, the interaction of employees, plants, consignments or tours.

Through the automation of the work processes, existing processes are optimised and transmission errors, costs and the required time are reduced. For optimal usage, the workflows in the logistics software CarLo are configured individually for the customers and adjusted to meet their requirements. Workflows replace the manual use of individual fields and, among other things, make scheduled printing processes and e-mail notifications as well as communication with networked software systems possible. One of the most frequently used workflows is the transfer of fields and information. For example, that way, information from field A can be automatically transferred to any number of following fields.

Workflows in the telematics app CarLo inTOUCH 
The telematics application Carlo inTOUCH supports the communication between the driver and the dispatcher by means of the automated transmission of tour status messages, actual times and loading and unloading times.
For instance, many construction and logistics companies use workflows in the telematics area to facilitate the transfer of information.

The transfer of information is one of many processes carried out by a single action on the driver’s side. Workflows make numerous individual steps and manual entry unnecessary. That way, the dispatcher can view the current consignment status at any time; and, simultaneously, the information is passed on to the customer.

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