Automation, time saving and a spirit of innovation–CarLo® in use at World of Green in the Rhine Valley

World of Green Logistics GmbH (WOG) is a medium-sized logistics provider from the Rhine Valley with four locations in the Switzerland-Austria border region. The diverse company is active in the areas of grouped loads and general cargo, partial and full loads, parcel services, rail logistics and air and sea freight, and as a customs service provider.

World of Green was looking for an all-in-one software solution to handle all transport processes, from order entry and planning to calculation. The previously used programmes could not fulfil these comprehensive requirements. Another important requirement for the new transport management system was an intuitive operation and a simple usage.

WOG has been a content Soloplan customer since 2015 and uses our software CarLo®.

“What was the most convincing for us was the adaptability down to the indiviual users. This is something we consider to be unique.” – Marcel Burtscher, Branch Manager WO Logistics AG

The tremendous time saving due to the use of the transport management system CarLo® provides a great added value for World of Green. The text-recognition function (OCR) saves valuable working time when entering transport orders. Together with the time advantage provided by the automatic setting of conditions, this saves WOG a total of 2.5 minutes per order–WOG has already realised a tremendous saving potential with this alone.

Another aspect that is important for the company from the border region is the fully autonomous allocation of the customs documents (PDFs). This function can additionally take specific parameters into account and runs fully automatically with the Communication Server. This saves another three minutes per consignment, which is a great advantage for WOG.

The Swiss-Austrian company is enthusiastic about innovation when it comes to future technologies. They plan on automating many more processes together with Soloplan.

“Due to the switch to the programming language .NET, unique functions are possible with workflows. Almost every requirement can be fulfilled via workflows. We hope to achieve even more efficient tour planning with artificial intelligence.” – Marcel Burtscher, Branch Manager WO Logistics AG

To optimally assist the planned expansion in the warehouse area, the company will rely on the warehouse software CarLo® inSTORE from the CarLo® product family. Furthermore, through the use of the company portal CarLo® exCHANGE, auditing is to be simplified and made less burdensome with the automatic transmission of all relevant documents. Many more exciting projects are in the pipeline regarding calculation in .NET as well.

“You can tell that Soloplan has a great deal of expertise on the subject and that not even specific requirements are new “Soloplan provides custom solutions to individual customer requests. Due to the expertise of the Soloplan employees, a solution has been found for every requirement,“ – Marcel Burtscher, Branch Manager WOG Logistics AG, describes the pleasant cooperation with Soloplan GmbH.

With the implementation of CarLo®, World of Green has already been able to optimise many processes and save time effectively. They are a prime example for how the transport management system CarLo® can simplify the everyday work of forwarding and logistics companies.

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