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England’s Calling

To be more precise, Selby in North Yorkshire. This beautiful city in the north of England is home not only to the stunning Selby abbey, but also the headquarters of our customer Campeys of Selby.  In February of this year, we visited them in order to experience the changes the implementation of our software CarLo brought in person. And let us say one thing in advance: They are immense!

Let’s start with the basics: For a long time, the United Kingdom has been one of our target markets with a high degree of development and potential for development. Despite some challenges caused by Brexit, growth is forecast for the logistics sector in England. Additionally, companies still want personal contact with their business partners. The reputation of family-run companies is growing enormously, especially as many companies are being bought up by investors and are not under permanent management.

Transport Association

The Transport Association (TA) already recognised years ago that family-run businesses provide many advantages. This British organisation, which prides itself in being built on family values, consists of around 60 transport companies. Together, they have created a network with around 5,700 vehicles and 175 locations, characterised by strong cooperation and support. Our customer Campeys of Selby also benefits from this. The forwarding company describes itself as one big family and exudes this ethos in all of its locations. When asked the question whether the employees see themselves as part of the family, the dispatchers Jake and Rob immediately answer with yes.

Meet the family–Campeys of Selby

We were also warmly welcomed into the family when we visited the branch in Selby as part of our research. Despite the initial horror caused by the Germans’ rejection of milk in black tea, the team endeavoured to provide us with as many insights as possible. In addition to personal interviews, which can be seen in the video below, the individual use of our transport management system at the company was explained to us in more detail. We were also given a personal tour of three different branches by Managing Director Paul Campey.

Campeys of Selby specialises in making the almost impossible possible. Harry Campey, son of the managing director and Commercial and Operations Director, explains that they try to never refuse a customer request. This is possible in most cases thanks to the large network of the company managed by multiple generations. The fact that Soloplan also strongly prioritises customer service impressed the company right from the start.

Soloplan and Campeys of Selby–a success story

After being discovered at a logistics trade fair, our sales team quickly convinced Campeys of Selby of the product. The forwarding company knew changes were possible and necessary, but had little knowledge of how much could be achieved. They were simply looking for a system that would support their continuous growth as their old software had reached its limits. Intrigued by the possibilities of technology, the company was also looking to reduce their workload. Thanks to the functions of our transport software, these and many other previously unknown needs could be satisfied.

The software has now been in use for a good six months and has already made a difference in a very short time. Through the implementation, many old processes have been questioned and thus optimised. Harry says that Soloplan has shown them more intelligent ways of working. In particular, the use of artificial intelligence and API functionalities contributes to the customer’s satisfaction with the software. Campeys of Selby also benefits from the simple use and the support provided by the fast, personal contact and the on-site Academies in Kempten.

In Harry’s words: “Soloplan really is the key software in our business.” You can find this declaration of love and more detailed insights into the success story of Soloplan and Campeys of Selby in our reference video below.

There is nothing more rewarding for us than seeing how our software makes our customers’ day-to-day work easier and at the same time increases their success. We are grateful to have witnessed first-hand in Selby how all Campeys of Selby employees enthusiastically spoke about the benefits of CarLo. If this report makes you want to change your logistics processes, contact one of our specialists to arrange a non-binding presentation today.

If this report has sparked the need for a change in your logistics processes, let one of our specialists advise you and arrange an individual presentation today. Contact us via email at, by phone at +49 831 57407-300 (or South Africa +27 8718314 60) or via our LIVE chat at

Campeys of Selby Reference Video


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