CarLo on a mission in Mozambique

Our customer Africa Global Logistics (AGL) uses Soloplan’s transport management system CarLo in Mozambique, among other locations.

One of the projects the 52 CarLo users there supervise is the USAID project AMOSTRA, which is concerned with transporting and distributing medical products, medicine and blood samples. The goal is to provide an effective and efficient transport system for lab samples and results.

Over 40,000 orders are processed and thus 200,000 samples transported every month. Mainly on scooters, 700 drivers travel across the country with the telematics application CarLo inTOUCH. 

We are glad to be part of such an important project and are proud to provide the technological infrastructure needed to guarantee better medical care here in Mozambique.

Image gallery with impressions from Mozambique: