CarLo® optimises administration and performance of White Horse Carriers (PTY) Ltd in South Africa

White Horse Carriers (PTY) Ltd, based in Kempton Park, is a subsidiary of Bolloré Logistics in South Africa, a major global player in the logistics industry. The French group operates over 600 branches in 109 countries and employs over 19,000 people.

After a comprehensive market analysis, White Horse Carriers (PTY) Ltd chose the European premium transport management system (TMS) CarLo®. Since the company went live with the all-in-one freight forwarding software in September 2021, White Horse Carriers has experienced many of the advantages of CarLo® in their day-to-day work. According to the White Horse Carriers management, Soloplan was the only provider on the market that was able to meet all the requirements of the South African company. Scalability, flexibility and adaptability of the programme solutions were key criteria in the selection of the forward-looking software partner. Even for tasks that are extraordinary for standardised transport management systems, CarLo® was able to offer innovative solutions and even completely automate processes. By using CarLo®, classic planning, but also administrative activities in the daily work of freight forwarders, such as pay-sheet management and the creation of invoices as well as status reports to individual customers, have been optimised.

“The administrative steps in transport planning have been significantly simplified by using our new TMS from Soloplan. There are incomparable advantages, from the organisation of trip pay sheets to invoicing and reporting (especially customer tracking) to asset management.” – White Horse Carriers (PTY) Ltd

The changeover to the TMS was seamless for the employees of White Horse Carriers. Thanks to the intuitive user interface of CarLo® and the excellent support of the software experts from Soloplan’s South African subsidiary, they were able to quickly and easily learn how to use the new programme. The layouts are fully customisable, and the software even allows individual user profiles to be created and shared with different groups of people. This means that the right interface can be found for each employee in the company to work efficiently. Another positive effect White Horse Carriers has experienced since the go-live with CarLo® is enormous time saving.

“The time required to fully complete all process steps of a shipment (booking, scheduling, execution, invoicing and collection) has been reduced by an impressive proportion of 50%. This means that a controller can comfortably handle double the previous workload.” – White Horse Carriers (PTY) Ltd

The most convincing feature for White Horse Carriers (PTY) Ltd is the price- and rate-calculation function of the CarLo® software. Through this smart and innovative feature, calculation and pricing could be fully automated.

A unique added value is also provided by the customisable report creation, which facilitated the creation of more than 30 different business reports (e.g. financial, customer, fleet management reports, according to individual needs) in less than two weeks.

In addition to the TMS CarLo®, White Horse Carriers benefits from the smart add-ons CarLo® inMOTION for fleet management and CarLo® inTOUCH, a comprehensive telematics system that makes order management a breeze.

“CarLo® inMOTION can be set up so that we can manage and overview our fleet management costs for every individual vehicle in detail. It gives us full transparency and traceability of our expenses throughout the month, year and beyond. CarLo® inTOUCH can also be customised to our exact needs and requirements, effectively driving the digitalisation of our proof of delivery (POD). In addition, the innovative telematics system helps us promote transparency in driver communication and operational order processing in line with our business requirements. The application’s customisable checklists and communication features are outstanding.” – White Horse Carriers (PTY) Ltd

With Soloplan at their side, White Horse Carriers is optimistic and in full of drive for the future. The company would like to use Soloplan’s innovative software solutions in other African countries soon to fully optimise the challenging processes in transport logistics.

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