Developer Training Days 2023–a complete success

The format of the Developer Training Days as a platform for the company-wide exchange of knowledge at the end of the year has proven itself in Soloplan’s development department. This year, detailed workshops, training sessions and presentations once again took place at the Soloplan headquarters in Kempten in the course of two days. Many colleagues from the other branch offices visited the event as well.

The event already took place for the seventh year in a row last week. Apart from the presentation of the roadmap for 2024 and the general transfer of knowledge in the area of software engineering, the information about the planned technological innovations was also a highlight. In a modern and globally active software company, it is important that all developers know the technological strategy of the company, contribute to it and thus work together on achieving the same vision for the future.

All in all, the event was a complete success and was also attended by many employees from other departments. The event concluded with an evening gaming session including a Mario Kart tournament. We would like to thank our development department for the good organisation and the traditional Bavarian breakfast at the start of the Developer Training Days. We are already looking forward to the technological innovations in 2024.