Eibel Transporte GmbH counts on TOP-TMS CarLo

For more than 75 years, the forwarding company Eibel has been one of the market leaders for the domestic and international transport of agricultural machines and goods with unusual dimensions. Since its foundation in 1934, the company based in Budenbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, has been family-owned–by now, it is already in its fourth generation. Eibel Transporte GmbH‘s fleet currently consists of 30 vehicles; additionally, the company has about 30 employees.

Strong growth requires new technologies
Due to the strong growth in the last years, both a forwarder‘s book and spreadsheet programmes such as Excel were no longer sufficient to meet Eibel GmbH‘s requirements. Additionally, the workflow was to be improved and invoicing was to be simplified. In order to achieve this and be up to the new challenges, Eibel GmbH has been using the software CarLo, developed by Soloplan, since 2010. For the company, which did not have an order entry user interface prior to CarLo, this was a big and important step into the future.

„CarLo has significantly simplified our way toward a paperless office. Thanks to Soloplan, our chaotic forwarder‘s book is
a thing of the past,“

says a spokesperson for Eibel Transporte GmbH.

Significant advantages through the use of the software

During the introduction of the software, the forwarding company placed particular importance on increased efficiency and effectivity in the work processes, as well as on a simple user interface for planning that could be used intuitively and that was clearly structured. Furthermore, the calculation was to be simplified. With CarLo, all of this was possible, since the quick
evaluation and analysis of all key figures and data by CarLo already led to more efficient results after only a short time.

Equally, since the introduction of CarLo, powerful calculation functions fully automatically support the user during pricing for invoices and credit notes. The transport company definitely sees the advantages of the new TMS in the better overview, the definition of clear processes and the simpler management of the business processes, which has been possible since the introduction of CarLo.

Via individual interfaces to customers–forexample, to be able to send status messages for a tour–, the company is able to offer far better customer service than before. Additionally, the software offers many possibilities for all kinds of interfaces. For example, an interface to the existing telematics software was programmed for Eibel Transporte GmbH. The reliability of the software solution is equally important to the transport company:

„We are very thankful that the software runs without problems. That way, we can focus on our customers instead of our IT maintenance.“

Soloplan as an important partner for the future orientation

With regard to future technologies, further developments of CarLo are very important to Eibel, particularly regarding the further simplification of the business processes in the future. Furthermore, CarLo already offers a very large scope of useful functionalities, which is perfectly conveyed by highly trained specialist staff in Academies offered by Soloplan or directly on the customer‘s premises. Alternatively, customers can learn more about specific areas by taking part in the free webinars offered by Soloplan. Every year, the forwarding company Eibel takes part in the numerous Academies at Soloplan GmbH and also regularly attends the webinars regarding all CarLo topics. Eibel Transporte GmbH continues to view Soloplan with their software CarLo as a reliable partner to cover the future requirements for a logistics

You too can benefit from more than 25 years of experience in the business, combined with best practices accrued from our customers in the forwarding and transport industry, which continually contribute to the development of our software solution. The product family of the logistics software CarLo also includes: CarLo inAIR&SEA for air and sea freight, CarLo inHUB for smooth processing in your transshipment warehouses, and many more add-ons from the transport sector.

Would you like to learn more about the logistics software CarLo and its numerous add-ons?

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