Extraordinary use of CarLo inTOUCH at the forwarding company Recht Logistik

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The forwarding company Recht Logistik, which was already founded in 1932 by Theodor Recht and is now in its fourth generation of management, has–apart from its headquarters in Brühl–an additional seven locations in Germany. With its 200 trucks, 90,000 m² of storage area and around 250 employees, the forwarding company is one of the biggest logistics service providers in Germany. Although only simple transports were carried out in the beginning, the forwarding company has specialised itself over the years–particularly in distribution-warehouse transports of external companies, but also in special transports for the aluminium industry and tank and silo transports. The forwarding company Recht, which, with its 30 gas-powered trucks, is ideally equipped for the future, has chosen to work with the transport management system CarLo and the add-on CarLo inTOUCH. The forwarding company Recht has been a Soloplan customer since the beginning of 2018. With the software they used previously, they were not able to integrate all the processes they needed. Therefore, Soloplan’s software solution was a perfect fit, since it can be individually adjusted to meet the customer‘s requirements.

“We wanted to integrate many processes in one software and connect the orders to telematics and digitise them. The transport management system CarLo, combined with CarLo inTOUCH, was the perfect solution,” is Recht Logistik‘s conclusion.

An extraordinary use of the TMS CarLo

 At Recht, the TMS CarLo and CarLo inTOUCH are not used the usual way. CarLo is normally used for planning transport orders, while the connected module CarLo inTOUCH serves to send the tours to the truck drivers. At Recht, things work differently–here, the software solutions are used to organise the warehouse with forklifts. A customer for whom Recht Logistik is responsible in factory logistics–specifically for packaging and loading the goods–had this special requirement. Together with a Soloplan employee, this extraordinary solution was developed. The goal was to electronically control all processes and document them with photos. Today, Recht Logistik uses CarLo to enter all orders and CarLo inTOUCH to transfer them to the mobile devices of the forklift drivers. From the processing to the completion of the order, the status is transmitted and saved at all times. The new process offers security, since, at the conclusion of every order, the timestamp and the employee responsible are saved. Additionally, the photo is allocated to the delivery note in the software and saved in a cloud so that the customer can access it at any time. The digitisation of this previously analogue process saved Recht a lot of effort in terms of freight documents and time, since the manual saving, filing and allocation of the photos to the orders was extremely time-consuming.

“With the logistics software CarLo and CarLo inTOUCH, a considerable amount of freight documents becomes unnecessary, which helps us digitise our processes tremendously. This is a big and important step into the future of Recht Logistik.”

Into a successful future with CarLo

The forwarding company Recht is convinced of CarLo and CarLo inTOUCH with regard to the functionality, the configuration and the individual adjustment of processes. Additionally, the software scores points with its many possibilities and interfaces. Due to the continuous development of the software and with Soloplan at their side as an innovative consultant, the forwarding company feels ideally prepared for a successful future.

Soloplan software solutions

CarLo inTOUCH is a telematics app with which all important data can be entered and transferred during a transport process. From the transfer of the order to the unloading of the goods, the dispatcher can use the app to gain insight into the respective vehicle location, possible waiting times and status messages during a tour. The driver can contact the dispatcher at any time using the chat function and inform him of the current status of the tour or clarify any pressing questions. With CarLo inTOUCH, waybills can be scanned digitally, bureaucracy can be decreased and costs can thus be reduced. You too can benefit from more than 30 years of experience in the business, combined with best practices accrued from our customers in the forwarding and transport industry, which continually contribute to the development of our software solution. The product family of the logistics software CarLo  also includes: CarLo inAIR&SEA for air and sea freight, CarLo inHUB for smooth processing in your transshipment warehouses, and many more add-ons from the transport sector.

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