Fabian Heidl speaks about logistics trends at the “Wiehler Forum”

With the motto “driven by curiosity”, BPW Group invited logistics and transport exports to the biennial “Wiehler Forum”. Soloplan CEO Fabian Heidl holds a convincing keynote speech on the use of transport management systems in the modern world of logistics.

(Cologne/Kempten, 08/11/2021) At the two-day event in Wiehl near Cologne, many different panel discussions and keynote speeches took place this year. Among other things, topic areas such as the improvement of the working situation for drivers, the use of artificial intelligence and the integration of cutting-edge technologies in the logistics sector were discussed. Short presentations on practical experience and the exchange of current opinions and sentiments were also part of the agenda. 

Regarding these topics, Fabian Heidl (CEO International of Soloplan) was also invited to hold a speech, in which he addressed the challenges that forwarding and transport companies frequently face. With the motto “Soloplan–the energy bar for planning”, he presented the TMS CarLo®, developed by Soloplan, and showed how, with the ideal software, the mentioned challenges can be overcome.

Additionally, he spoke of long-term trends that the logistics sector needs to face. Those challenges include the need for increasing automation, the integration of and with other systems and flexible reactions to changing market requirements. With CarLo®, Soloplan offers forwarding and transport companies a scalable system that is continually adapted and optimised to cater for all new developments and trends of the sector.

As a current example, Fabian Heidl used so-called “digital forwarders”, which are currently becoming more and more prominent on the logistics market. They promise fully digitised process chains, the avoidance of empty trips through algorithms, digital freight exchange portals and much more. This poses a new challenge, particularly for forwarding companies using manual processes. However, here as well, he was able to convince listeners of the premium TMS CarLo®. “With a good TMS, medium-sized companies can stand up to digital forwarders,” says Fabian Heidl.

The audience’s long applause and the great amount of positive feedback from the listeners confirmed how very relevant the topic is in the sector. For example, Christian Loidolt, CEO at PE Automotive in Wuppertal, clearly expressed the following after the presentation: “Very interesting on a professional level, quite likeable and presented authentically–a very good speech at the Wiehler Forum today.” Other participants in the Forum expressed similar enthusiasm for the speech of the Soloplan CEO, who, with his intriguing speech topic, struck a nerve in the logistics sector.

The Wiehler Forum ended with some closing remarks by Mr Oliver Detje (Publishing Manager of the business area of logistics and transport, DVV Media Group) and Mr Markus Schell (Managing Partner, BPW Bergische Achsen). Soloplan thanks those responsible for the invitation and the organisation of a successful event and looks forward to visiting the Wiehler Forum again next time.