From 0 to 60 in No Time At All – Digitalise Your Document Management Process

As of version 2.70 (June 2020), the transport management system CarLo will be extensively extended by internally developed document processing and OCR text recognition.

With that, our internal development department has achieved a perfect approach. Thanks to CarLo’s modern architecture (.NET framework), the complicated integration of third-party software components could be omitted. For example, the new function allows you to directly read out transport orders from PDF files and enter orders fully automatically. Thus, the manual entry of customer orders from the PDF file is no longer necessary, which saves logistics and transport companies a great amount of time.

Thanks to CarLo’s modern architecture (.NET framework), our internal development department’s solution could be implemented and the complicated integration of third-party software components could be omitted. The OCR component developed by Soloplan supports PDF files and reads out texts from e-mail files.
You can use the simple drag & drop function to manually add PDF files and e-mails in CarLo’s Document Entry and apply them using an automatic Communication Server task.

The new function allows you to not only create orders from PDF files, but also all other business objects available in CarLo, such as Customers, Company, Fleet and Staff, among others. Thus, manual steps are replaced by digital workflows little by little.

Overview of the document processing functions:

  • Drag & drop e-mails and PDF files in Document Entry
  • Reading out the relevant information via document masks
    • Loading/unloading address
    • Loading/unloading date
    • External numbers
    • Freight price
  • Automatic processing of PDF files using a Communication Server task (scheduled)
  • Creation of .NET business objects such as Orders, Company, Fleet, Staff and many more.
  • Customised configuration of conditions and particularities
  • Typing of documents
  • Extraction of PDF files from e-mails
  • Processing of texts in e-mails (MSG Reader)
  • Reading out barcodes in PDF files
  • And much more!

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