GO DIGITAL: Consignment status via e-mail

Reduced workload and automated processes in transport planning? The logistics software CarLo optimises existing processes, allows for paperless work and saves time and money thanks to automated processes

Existing processes are optimised and transmission errors, costs and time required are reduced

For optimal usage, the logistics software CarLo is configured individually for the customers and adjusted to meet their requirements. The manual operation of single fields is replaced with scheduled printing processes, the communication with networked software systems and automated and scheduled e-mail notifications.

Automated notifications about

  • General information or changes
    “Delivery date has changed” or “Planning completed”
  • Order confirmation for the customer as soon the order has been processed internally
  • Status messages such as “Tour starting”, “Goods loaded” or “Delivery successful”
  • Status messages for delays
  • And many more!

Apart from the communication with customers, the function is also a huge relief for internal communication. For instance, the automation can be used in warehouse management or for communicating with drivers

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