GO DIGITAL – voice control and geofencing

There is no question that the use of digital voice control assistants is multiplying every year.  As a reaction to this trend, the Soloplan GmbH has extended CarLo inTOUCH to include voice control on the mobile app.

At the moment, the comprehensive telematics system CarLo inTOUCH offers numerous functions that simplify the exchange between driver and dispatcher. Not only tour status messages as well as arrival and waiting times but also documents, pictures and signatures can be transferred via the app. Drivers can also use the integrated scan function on their mobile devices to scan items during pick-up and delivery. Furthermore, the software supports all telematics functions, such as GPS positioning as well as driving and rest time management. Geofencing makes it possible to determine the actual times for arrivals at stops and departures from stops automatically based on positioning messages.

Voice control in CarLo inTOUCH
The integration is carried out with the Google voice assistant and offers an additional usage possibility for CarLo inTOUCH In terms of functionality, this extension enables communication with the voice assistant, which is capable of performing the most frequently used app actions. Thanks to the voice control assistant, users benefit from simplified user guidance as well as gesture-free control during driving.

Expanding the Google Assistant with the features of CarLo inTOUCH does not only offer comfortable controls but also communication with other apps, as well as the integration into the user’s workflows.

Using geofencing via GPS, the actual times for the arrival and departure for every stop are determined automatically. That way, you are always aware of the tour status. In case of delays, notifications are automatically sent to the planning department or the customer. The manual transfer of information is rendered obsolete by geofencing.