API User Conference

Great success of the “API User Conference” academy

“Great learning success”, “Amazing training”, “Competent trainers”: That is the conclusion of the participants in our “API User Conference”. In the middle of August, the people in charge of the “User Group” (a group made up of the companies Blue Water Shipping, Scan Global Logistics, Imperial Logistics, LEMAN and FREJA Transport & Logistics) visited Soloplan City to be trained in the API configuration by Soloplan GmbH’s experts.

The API configuration in CarLo allows you to configure and integrate individual formats for interfaces. The “User Group” relies on the cooperation to be able to create interfaces efficiently and without errors. Soloplan is a reliable contact in the event of questions or difficulties. “We have a little experience what we tested at home and we got some additional knowledge how to use it,” says Søren Thuesen of Blue Water Shipping. With their expert knowledge, the Soloplan employees were not only able to clarify open points during the academy, but also show various workflows and new functions such as the Web API, which allows for an easier configuration via the Internet.

The main foci were discussed in advance: “I think our preparation from home was good, because there has been good conversation between Soloplan and our company. That way, we knew what to expect and were able to prepare correspondingly.”

The participants were already able to apply the learned knowledge during the training at the work stations in the training room. “Many questions are answered but new questions are rising. But this is a positive thing because this means we have additional knowledge of the process,” says training participant Frederik Staffe of LEMAN.

Soloplan City is ideally equipped for training sessions. In six modern, fully-equipped training rooms, Soloplan customers from all over the world learn the basics of our software and get tips, tricks and insider knowledge from our experts. Accommodations are also taken care of: The 4-star hotel Soloplan City Resort is directly next door. The participants of the “API User Conference” appreciate this: “I’ve been here before, so I knew what to expect. The facilities, the training area and the hotel are super fine.”