News from South Africa: a move, a first Academy in the new offices, and a visit from the company management from Germany

Soloplan’s South African branch office recently moved from Pretoria to Johannesburg. The new offices are not only more spacious, but also more modern, and offer a more pleasant working atmosphere for the employees.

This week, the first Academy for customers already took place in the new offices. This shows that Soloplan continues to place great value on close customer contact and customer satisfaction. The training was a great success, and the participants were enthusiastic about the practical passing on of knowledge and the new offices.

In addition to the training, the company management from Germany paid the South African branch office a visit this week. The management took a week to look at the new offices, have in-person conversations with the employees, and meet and talk with customers. This all goes to show that Soloplan is very dedicated and intent on maintaining close contact even across oceans, as well as on keeping an eye on the needs of the employees and customers on site.

All in all, the Soloplan branch office’s move from Pretoria to Johannesburg was a great success. The new offices not only provide more space and a more modern working environment, but also allow for better cooperation between the employees and customers. The visit of the company management from Germany highlights Soloplan’s international commitment and shows that the company banks on close cooperation with its employees and customers.

The new address of Soloplan’s South African branch office is:

Soloplan SA (Pty) Ltd
Software for logistics and planning
Siemens Park • Building B1
300 Janadel Avenue
Johannesburg, 1685, South Africa

The remaining contact data, i.e. e-mail ( and phone (+27 8718314 60), remain the same.