Logistics software CarLo fulfils a multitude of special requirements

The transport company Silo Jeličić d.o.o. is a leading dry bulk carrier that has been dedicated to the needs of their partners since 2001. The company is  specialised in the road transport of dry bulk powders and granulated materials with silo trucks.  Silo Jeličić d.o.o. had already been in contact with Soloplan GmbH since 2012. During that time, they compared the logistics software CarLo with other transport management systems and could not find any software on the market that impressed more than CarLo. 

With over 180 employees at 5 locations worldwide, Soloplan GmbH develops software solutions for the transport and logistics industry. More than twenty years of experience in the IT sector guarantee a high-quality and process-optimising logistics software that unites and simplifies all company processes.

The expectations towards a new software were very high from the beginning. The system should be able to react to a multitude of requirements. The focus is on automatic order entry, optimisation of daily planning and integration of existing telematics systems.  In addition to the factors mentioned above, CarLo also stands out due to the visibility and transparency of the vehicle routes and costs as well as the improvement in capacity utilisation and the associated time reduction. 

 “CarLo centralises important processes such as document management, planning and cost allocation and has thus significantly improved our work results,” explains Srdjan Zekovic, key user at Silo Jeličić. 

Thanks to the easy and intuitive use of CarLo, our employees quickly got used to the new logistics software and were able to continue working as usual – without interrupting their daily business.