Logistics software: Soloplan guarantees stability

Family business remains under management of owners–sale to investors excluded–high investment and planning reliability

In view of the sustained wave of takeovers of small and medium-sized software companies by internationally operating investment groups, the logistics software company Soloplan GmbH guarantees that they will remain independent for the next ten years as well. This means that customers will have steady contact persons in the long term and a reliable supplier who is not forced to act according to the will of anonymous investors with short-term capital expectations. Additionally, Soloplan can set their own strategical course of development and thus efficiently and quickly react to the requirements of the sector. This, in turn, is the basis for innovative solutions.

With the guarantee of long-term stability, Soloplan is responding to concerns in the logistics sector that the established family business with headquarters in Kempten and six international branch offices could lose its independence as well. According to an article in the German trade newspaper “Deutsche Verkehrszeitung” from 26 July 2023, more than 35 companies have been sold or taken over by other companies at least once on the German logistics software market since 2017.

In most cases, the buyers are so-called private equity companies. Their main goal is to achieve a maximum return with the purchased companies before they sell them again. Not uncommonly, this method leads to price increases and cost savings to the detriment of service quality. Another side effect of company takeovers are ever-changing contact persons, which makes it significantly harder to work together effectively.

Simultaneously, takeovers, mergers and sales of software companies can hinder innovations and the development of new products. This is due to the fact that the companies are often first and foremost focussed on restructuring and catering to the investors in the best way possible.

Since its foundation in 1994, Soloplan has been 100 percent owned by the Heidl family. The established medium-sized company will celebrate its 30-year anniversary next year. All three of company founder Wolfgang Heidl’s sons, Fabian, Christian and Julian Heidl, already work in positions of responsibility in the company and secure its future. “We stand for stability, are independent and belong only to ourselves. We are committed solely to our own high standards and our customers.” emphasises Wolfgang Heidl.