Long-term customer from the UK visits Soloplan City for a sea freight workshop

This week Andy Griggs, Product Manager at AMCO Group, from the UK was a guest at Soloplan City for a workshop on sea freight. Our long-standing customer has been using the Transport Management System (TMS) CarLo® for handling transport orders for several years.

The reason for the visit was an intensive workshop on the topic of sea freight software. Two circumstances coincide here: On the one hand, massive growth at AMCO in the area of international ocean transports and, on the other hand, the completely new development of the seafreight module by Soloplan.

After the workshop, the customer was very positive. We asked Andy Griggs 4 questions afterwards:

How did you manage your ocean transports so far?

“We have been utilising the standard order mask in CarLo® so far. We only used CarLo® inAIR&SEA for order creation and invoicing . At this time our seafreight business was too small for a fuller solution.“

What is the reason for the change?

“We had a massive growth in the sea trade sector in the last 12 months. Our international team has really grown massively. The new sea freight solution allows us more efficiency and handling of a higher order volume. The breakdown into house shipment and master shipment was exactly what they [the international team] needed.“  

What goals do you want to achieve with the sea freight feature?

“With the system we definetely want to achieve interfacing with INTTRA. We want to give our users access to data and information much more freely and as a result we want to give this access to our customers as well. For us, as a business, we want to have the ability to maintain and grow the department and still keep a hold on to the ethos of our business, namely keeping our customer service at a high standard. All this enables our customers to have detailed information at most times.“

What are the findings from the workshop?

“The finding is that it is exactly what we wanted. And if the airfreight module follows in the same way, then, from an international perspective, CarLo® will exactly be what we require as a business from a software.“