Marley's Transport

Australia: Marley’s Transport counts on German quality software

One world record, 70 fleet vehicles, 40 subcontractors and over 50 years of experience – Marley’s Transport is the first company in Australia to plan with the CarLo logistics software.

Frank Marley, Managing Director and founder of Marley’s Transport, began to build up his own fleet of vehicles at the age of 19. His business quickly stood out in terms of price, efficiency and punctuality and was able to outperform rail transport. In 1970’s, it was illegal to transport any goods in competition with the local government rail transport. At that time, Frank Marley stubbornly advocated for fair conditions and a transparent approach, accepting a prison sentence gained much attention and support. The country’s transport minister supported deregulation and the laws were changed in favour of the industry.

The company also attracted a lot of attention in 1999, when Marley’s Transport made it into The Guinness Book of World Records with a road train consisting of 45 trailers and weighing over 603 tonnes.

Today, Marley’s Transport, which is based in Perth, is well-known for livestock and grain transport, feed distribution and general transport. The company is one of the largest grain transporters in Australia and transports around 10% of Western Australia’s grain. Over 1,100 customers worldwide already use CarLo, including numerous companies in the grain and food sector.

Following the search for a software solution which can be used for all processes, the logistics software CarLo was chosen at the end of 2019. The software go-live took place in February 2020. CarLo was installed within two weeks and the team received intensive on-site training by Soloplan GmbH service personnel. CarLo was already put into live operation during the training.

“I am impressed with how smoothly the implementation of CarLo went and how much effort was put into the screen design in CarLo. Soloplan has invested every effort and expense to prepare our team for CarLo in the best possible way.” Stephen Marley, Managing Director of Marley’s Transport

All existing tariffs in Excel can be displayed in CarLo without any additional programming. That also applies to special requirements unique to Marley’s. Complex tariffs based on articles or tonnages are thus automatically determined in CarLo. All transports are invoiced directly in CarLo and automatically transferred to the Australian financial accounting system.

“Compared to everything else I have seen, CarLo is a unique system. It is easily configurable and highly user-friendly; in my opinion, a very well thought-out programme.” Marcus Watson, IT Coordinator at Marley’s Transport

The use of CarLo is intended to avoid delays and faulty deliveries in the future. CarLo inTOUCH Scanning also enables detailed shipment information to be quickly forwarded directly to customers. To use CarLo inTOUCH Scanning, each silo is provided with a barcode. The loads are thus assigned to a silo and incorrect loading/unloading is prevented by the CarLo inTOUCH app.

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