Soloplan extends cooperation agreement with the University of Kempten

Due to the successes achieved so far, the extension of the cooperation agreement with the University of Kempten was a mere formality for the Allgäu-based software company. In the future, they will continue to work together on new technologies in the “Soloplan Innovation Lab” on their way to Logistics 4.0.

Spirits were high last week among the representatives of the university and Soloplan during the formal extension of the research cooperation. Within the scope of the presentation of the results of an exciting case study, the seal was also set on the extension of the successful cooperation, which has already been in place since 2005, for another three years. The heart of the partnership is the laboratory for innovation and digitalisation in logistics, in short, the “Soloplan Innovation Lab”, where the software company and the university will continue to work together researching the newest technologies and trends in the transport sector in the future as well.

In the presence of Prof. Dr Rieck, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Prof. Dr Wind, Scientific Director of the Innovation Lab, and Christian Heidl, Head of Development at Soloplan, University President Prof. Dr Wolfgang Hauke and Soloplan CEO Wolfgang Heidl signed the new agreement on the extension of the cooperation.

A special emphasis was placed on the regular pleasant and constructive exchange between the company and the university. Soloplan and the university agree that both parties benefit from the close alliance of economy and science:

“Soloplan knows the issues from practical experience, and we, together with our students, work on the solutions to these problems,” says Prof. Dr Wind. “The scope ranges from programming specific apps for the logistics sector to the use of augmented reality during the display of delivery chains and work processes. Our experts from the logistics sector are always available with advice and support.”

He expressed appreciation for the reliable support and innovative thinking of the company.

Additionally, Prof. Dr Wind emphasised how important it was, especially in the Allgäu, to familiarise regional employers with students and graduates. This is also confirmed by Soloplan CEO Wolfgang Heidl:

“Due to our continuous growth, we are always looking for new colleagues. The university is a great help in that respect. Some of our longest-serving employees found their way to us after their studies in Kempten and have been working at Soloplan successfully to this day.”

The new agreement on the continuation of the research cooperation initially runs for three years. However, looking back at the scientific results achieved up to now, it seems certain that the next extension in 2025 will be a pure formality as well.