Galliker Green Logistics

Soloplan supports Green Logistics–we are proud partners of our customer Galliker Transport AG

Sustainable conduct and the respectful treatment of mankind, the environment and nature–today, this is more important than ever. The transport company Galliker, based in Altishofen, Switzerland, has taken this to heart and founded the project “Green Logistics–beyond logistics”. Soloplan also supports the topics of sustainability and protecting the environment, which is why, as of this year, we are proud partners of the association. The goal of the project is to be C2-neutral by 2050 and thus continuously reduce the negative effects on the environment and the consumption of non-renewable resources.

On 30/08/2022, the Galliker Innovation Day took place, where Soloplan was able to get a vivid insight into the project. The impulse presentations dealt with innovations of the company, the “green” fleet that is already travelling the Swiss roads, and additionally clearly demonstrated how very important the topics of sustainability and the environment are to the Galliker family and all of the employees.

Thanks to the commitment of all of the partners of the association and the Galliker company, 2,396,800kg of CO2 have already been saved as of 31/08/2022. We hope the project will continue this successfully and are excited for the next milestones of Green Logistics. You can find more information under: Galliker Green Logistics