Strategies, methods and goals for the future–the Soloplan leadership workshop

On 8 and 9 December 2022, a leadership workshop took place in Soloplan City. Thus, Soloplan is reacting to the strong growth and the internationalisation of the company. Due to those factors, it is ever more important that the first and second levels of leadership as well as all managers work together well and are continuously in contact.

In a two-day workshop, an experienced coach and psychologist communicated different theoretical and practical leadership aspects. However, communication and cooperation between colleagues was also a focal point of the event. Furthermore, cultural differences and particularities were discussed with the international branch managers. Agile and modern management is an important key to success for companies in the modern working world. Following Soloplan’s principle of continuously broadening one’s own horizon, both younger and more experienced colleagues were able to benefit significantly from the two days.
We are glad that the workshop was so well received by the participants and wish them success in implementing and applying the imparted knowledge. As “homework”, all participants have agreed to give a report on their success inspired by the impulses from the workshop in another appointment. This will happen within the scope of part 2 of the training in spring of 2023, which is meant to encourage the participants to practically apply what they have learned and benefit from the shared experiences on a daily basis.