Students develop warehouse management app

Kempten – In cooperation with the Kempten-based software company Soloplan GmbH, business informatics students have developed concepts for an app that should facilitate processes related to warehouse management. The university of Kempten and the logistics software provider Soloplan GmbH have been working closely together for a number of years. Soloplan GmbH gives guest lectures for business informatics and logistics courses. Already in previous years, the University of Kempten and Soloplan GmbH had developed concepts.

In 2019, a case study on process optimisation in warehouse management was carried out in cooperation with Prof. Dr Stefan Wind. The students had to develop a concept for an app that could be used to optimise processes such as the placement, removal and transfer of goods. The app should include a scan functionality that allows scanning the necessary serial shipping container codes and the global returnable asset identifiers of the goods.  The warehouse management app further was to include inventory creation as well as the creation of the corresponding stock list. Due to the digital transformation, it was advantageous in the development of the concept to include modern functions and process-supporting instruments such as voice control, vibration and scan engine.

“A certain degree of curiosity as well as experimentation and research are essential in this field of work. Even if something goes wrong initially, it is not that big a deal,” says Wolfgang Heidl, CEO of Soloplan GmbH, with regard to the cooperation with the students of the University of Kempten.

The topic was presented to the students during a guest lecture at the University of Kempten in October 2019. On 17 December 2019, about 30 students, who worked in five teams on the concept of the app, presented their solutions at Soloplan City, the new company location of Soloplan GmbH, located at Illerhöhe 1 (Kempten).

The teams “tank” and “full load” were able to convince the jury. The winners of the first prize of the “IT Challenge” may now look forward to spending a great evening in the Soloplan box at bigBOX Allgäu.