Tank Line

Tank Line GmbH Speditionsgesellschaft optimises their transport processes thanks to the logistics software CarLo

Tank Line GmbH Speditionsgesellschaft from Hildesheim has specialised in the transport of oil and oil by-products as well as in the transport of waste. The company’s range of services further includes food and feed transports. In order to offer their customers comprehensive loading and unloading services, Tank Line GmbH is expanding the existing business areas in the service sector in addition to the international transport business.

Thanks to the continuous modernisation and the expansion of the company-owned fleet, which comprises about 50 vehicles, the delivery quality of Tank Line GmbH is consistently high. The successful forwarding company relies on more than 40 competent employees in order to guarantee their customers professional and safe transports. Since 2005, the company has been operating successfully in the logistics sector and is today one of the most renowned companies in this field.

In the context of digitisation, the company was looking for a software that integrates all transport processes. Tank Line GmbH chose Soloplan’s established logistics software CarLo, which stood out thanks to its various possibilities and its intuitive user interface. The logistics software CarLo has been in use at Tank Line GmbH since 2017.

Within a very short period of time, Denis Kellmann, dispatcher at Tank Line GmbH, noticed how the use of CarLo has helped to optimise lead times and save time.

“The change was particularly noticeable in the areas of order entry, order processing and invoice/credit note creation. Additionally, the clearer display has simplified master data maintenance. The system change went smoothly. CarLo was installed and put into operation within three months of the contract being placed with Soloplan.”

The training provided by experienced employees of the service department of the company Soloplan, which is based in Kempten (Allgäu), was particularly helpful. The employee training and the intuitive user interface of CarLo helped to get the software up and running quickly. To this day, the smooth implementation of CarLo has had a positive effect on all relevant processes. In the future, Tank Line GmbH intends to integrate CarLo into further business areas.

“In the future, we would like to use the functionality for transmitting orders via app as well as expanded statistics to simplify and streamline processes in those areas as well,” says Timo Hartmann, managing director of Tank Line GmbH.

For further information on the logistics software CarLo, go to https://www.soloplan.com/products/ or call us at +49 831 57407-500.