Ten-year anniversary of the Soloplan branch office in Dresden

The ten-year anniversary festivities for Soloplan’s branch office in Dresden were all about ships.

Last Friday, 8 September 2023, the time had finally come: The branch office’s anniversary was duly celebrated together with employees, customers and potential customers. In the early afternoon, after the arrival of the guests, “Dresdner Eierschecke”, a cake specialty from Dresden, and coffee were served. Following the greeting by Soloplan’s management, a keynote speech from the development department regarding the upcoming innovations of the transport management system (TMS) CarLo®, as well as a practical demonstration of the integrated telematics application CarLo® inTOUCH, took place. Afterwards, the participants toasted the anniversary and the good cooperation at a champagne reception with canapés.

In the evening, the participants gathered at the “Terrassenufer” at the shore of the Elbe river, where the historic paddle steamer “Krippen”, which dates back to 1892, was already awaiting the guests. The steamer took them along the Elbe river to Pillnitz and back. During a joint dinner, the guests had plenty of opportunities to network and participate in lively exchanges in a pleasant atmosphere. There was also a presentation showing pictures from the ten-year history of the branch office, including the many participations in the recruitment fair “bonding”, projects with students of TU Dresden, team runs, team outings, visits from Kempten, and much more.

The branch office in Dresden

The Soloplan branch office in Dresden opened in 2013. Everything started in a 140m² office with six rooms in the “Technologiezentrum Dresden Nord” on the Manfred-von-Ardenne-Ring. In 2016, the branch office already moved for the first time, to the Fritz-Reuter-Straße in the “Neustadt” area of Dresden. Here, ten rooms provided around 400m² to accommodate the growth of the branch office. In June of 2022, the branch office moved again, this time to the current offices on the Cottaer Straße in the “Friedrichstadt” area of Dresden. Here, 18 rooms with a total area of over 700m² provide enough space for the Soloplan employees and the training sessions with customers.

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Below, you can find some impressions from the festivities: