The all-rounder CarLo® creates excitement in Great Britain

AMCO is a British logistics service provider situated near Birmingham. The company was founded in 1983 and employs more than 110 people. AMCO is mainly active in the areas of road, air and sea freight. They have multiple offices in the UK and branches in Europe. AMCO has already been a Soloplan customer since 2018. The biggest selling points for the software solution CarLo® were the user-friendliness, simple configuration possibilities, visibility of data and automatic creation of reports with statistics. The British transport company placed particular importance on a company-specific interface to the financial accounting system.

”Soloplan is a business that clearly understands logistics. The system showed that it was in line with our business model and future plans.“
Andy Griggs, AMCO Group

The primary goal was to implement a system that helps minimise strenuous manual tasks and transfer errors, as well as get a better real-time overview of the business processes. This is precisely where CarLo® offers the possibility to create customised workflows to optimise the system and the processes. In the beginning, this relatively extensive system change was somewhat of an adjustment, but shortly after the implementation of CarLo®, the AMCO employees were already more familiar with the software.

“New staff in the business regularly comment how impressed they are by CarLo® in comparison to systems they have used in previous employment.“
Andy Griggs, AMCO Group

AMCO also sees a great advantage in the simple creation of performance reports via statistics that can then be communicated internally or externally. The comprehensive possibilities in the reporting area and report creation are a great advantage of CarLo® and save the British company from manual evaluations using Excel. In general, the decision to implement CarLo® has paid off especially because of the great simplification and time savings in the day-to-day work.

”Reduction in business analysis time as data is readily available–on average this saves in the region of 6 hours per week. Reduction in time required for planning– on average this saves relevant users approximately 2 to 3 hours per day.“
Andy Griggs, AMCO Group

Regarding the future cooperation between Soloplan and AMCO, the British company reports of a comprehensive digitilisation project with the aim to connect CarLo® with multiple other systems in order to create a future-proof experience for internal and external users. Apart from CarLo®, AMCO also uses the telematics add-on CarLo® inTOUCH in order to facilitate a detailed and almost immediate communication between the office and the drivers.

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