Visions of the future become reality with the TMS CarLo®

In 1995, the Oakley Group settled in Pretoria, Gauteng, and since then, the company has established a good reputation in the transport sector. Over the years, they have won over a great number of regional and national top clients, to whom they have now been delivering a wide range of products on all main routes for over 30 years. This growth was bolstered by their ever-present values integrity, passion and professionalism, as well as excellent service.  

Thus, the company places great importance on carrying out their work reliably and efficiently. Furthermore, it is part of their vision to work digitally, without paper, to the greatest extent possible in the future. This is why they have decided to take the next step in their development with Soloplan’s TMS CarLo® and optimise their processes with the flexible logistics software.

“Soloplan had the most compact, adjustable and user-friendly fleet management solution. Their paperless solution goes hand in hand with our vision for the future of our company.”  – Sanet Pyper, Technical Admin Manager, Oakley Group

It is already clear by looking at the Oakley Group’s day-to-day business that CarLo® has simplified their work. By automating processes and automatically importing, for example, fuel data, the programme helps save time. It also reduces the error ratio, as it is no longer necessary to manually enter information. All this contributes to shorter lead times. The software’s adaptability and the integration with current systems and processes in particular were a decisive factor for the collaboration.  

“Planning and execution take place on one platform and are connected. Thus, the paperless process has become much more effective and efficient.” – Sanet Pyper, Technical Admin Manager, Oakley Group

With the Oakley Group, the system’s adaptability resulted in the development of custom solutions for specific areas, such as the fuel-data import functionality, financial packages for the Pastel interface and fleet management (with the add-on CarLo® inMOTION).  

A special emphasis can be placed on the add-on CarLo® inTOUCH. The telematics system, which enables digital order transmission, significantly simplifies the previous work method. For example, CarLo® inTOUCH minimises the lead time for PODs and reduces the amount of information required by the drivers.  

“Thanks to the simple and user-friendly operation of the programme, we can use CarLo® inTOUCH very well at our company. Our drivers have confirmed that it has made their work easier and that they save a lot of time since the required documents are forwarded automatically.” – Sanet Pyper, Technical Admin Manager, Oakley Group

The Oakley Group looks to the future with optimism. A potential next step is the integration of CarLo® exCHANGE in order to simplify communication with subcontractors. Working on projects together with existing customers is very important to Soloplan, which is why they will continue to support the Oakley Group with advice and assistance to create the best possible user experience.   

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