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Webinars and Academies in 2023

In 2023 as well, we at Soloplan strive to offer all of our customers extensive support for the perfect implementation of CarLo into their work processes. Get more out of CarLo by tailoring the transport management system to match the requirements and workflows of your company.

We are by your side with the Soloplan Academy. We will make you a Certified CarLo User, well-equipped for everyday planning processes. You can find the Academy appointments for our locations in Kempten, Dresden, Pretoria and Murcia here: Academy appointments

On top of that, many webinars are scheduled to take place in 2023 as well. You can participate in these 60-minute online seminars free of charge. In them, we discuss a wide range of topics from the world of logistics. The contents are always closely connected to the practical application, and we consistently provide examples for how CarLo offers you smart and digital solutions to all kinds of challenges. You can find all webinar appointments here: Webinar appointments

Our experts look forward to hearing from you!