Your options for hosting CarLo

Soloplan lets you decide how to best integrate CarLo in your IT landscape. Soloplan does not tell you where and how you need to host your IT!

What is decisive for the right hosting choice are, in particular, the existing and future requirements for the IT infrastructure in your company. Over the years, your IT landscape will grow with the company and needs to fulfil growing requirements and dependencies.

In the following, we will present you with a short overview of your hosting options and their advantages and disadvantages.

Option 1: On-site
is simply installed at your company on your own servers. The advantage is that you use your own hardware, which is located at your company and, as your property, can also be sold or rented out. The disadvantages are the space requirements for the servers and the time-consuming creation of the appropriate conditions, such as an uninterrupted power supply. Additionally, supervision by your own IT department is necessary in order to be able to manage tasks such as updates, damages and data backups.

Option 2: Data centre
In contrast, you can also host CarLo with a local provider, a so-called data centre. In this scenario, you can benefit from the same advantages as with an on-site installation. However, there are higher costs, since you need to pay for external IT supervision. Thus, this solution is ideal if there is little change to the IT infrastructure in your company and you do not have an internal IT department for the server supervision.

Option 3: Cloud hosting
If you use hosting via a cloud solution, you host CarLo on the basis of a virtualised cloud infrastructure.Thus, you do not use physical hardware of your own, but host in a virtual environment managed by your cloud-hosting provider. The flexible and quick adjustment of resources to changing requirements is especially user-friendly. Cloud hosting is well-suited for companies with fluctuating requirements regarding the IT structure and variable workloads. However, you need to note that, compared with the on-site operation, the cloud solution is connected to higher costs.


In practice, it is ideal if you do not notice which IT infrastructure supports you every day during your everyday work. Nevertheless, you can choose which hosting solution you would like to use for our software solutions, the CarLo product family. We will gladly give you advice about hosting at +49 831 57407-0, or via the live chat on our website.