How Finnover uses CarLo to increase their efficiency in a relaxed manner

The company from Helsinki, Finland, has been operating in the transport sector since it was founded in 2008. The Scandinavian company has been working with Soloplan’s transport management system (TMS) CarLo since February of 2020. The customers of CEO Tim Weckström and his employees are spread across the whole of Finland.

Finnover certainly did not have an easy time searching for a fitting TMS. After all, this was an investment for the future – a long-term cooperation. The goal of their search was clear. They wanted to digitise and optimise their workflow. Instead of pen and paper, manually typing e-mails and manually invoicing, Mr Weckström wanted to switch to a software that digitises all of those processes and combines all of the data in one system. This way, duplicate entry is a thing of the past, which in turn saves a lot of time. Furthermore, using cockpits, you can always have an overview of all key figures. This functionality simplifies the management and controlling in the company to a great degree.

Finnover checked many systems from various companies in advance–including start-ups–before they found what they were looking for with CarLo. Apart from Soloplan, nobody was able to offer them a completed standard software. Therefore, our partner from Finland was all the more glad when they went live with CarLo in February 2020 and were then able to adjust the system to match their individual requirements. Additionally, the user-friendly UI of the system made the training very easy for the employees. That is why the implementation costs (e.g. for training, etc.) remained rather low.

For Finnover, the implementation of CarLo was a huge success. The simpler and more efficient way of working leads to less time-intensive workflows in the company. Specifically, for our customer, this means that their employees can handle twice as many orders by using CarLo. Thanks to the flexibility of our TMS, the users can work from home without any issues. Nowadays, this possibility is an added value for every company. Furthermore, Mr Weckström and his company rely on our telematics system CarLo inTOUCH. With it, the communication between dispatchers and drivers has been reduced to the necessary. The drivers can find all important details regarding their transport in the system and unnecessary interactions via e-mails and phone calls are dispensed with. Even in the case of unusual incidents, such as the sudden absence of a driver, the add-on helps manage the circumstances in the interests of the dispatcher. Stress-free working leads to a relaxed work atmosphere and ties the employees more closely to the company. This reduces employee fluctuation and the related costs in the area of human resources.

Finnover is glad to know that Soloplan and the premium product CarLo will remain at their side in the future, and plans to expand significantly. In Finland’s ever more ephemeral economy as well, growth is of the utmost importance if you want to hold your ground. That is exactly what our customer wants to achieve with our software and the connected increase in efficiency.

“Finding exactly the right provider of a transport management system was very important for us during our search. We did not want to run into problems, but find solutions. That, together with quality and trust, is exactly what Soloplan delivers. The TMS CarLo is a great relief for our day-to-day work. The system is perfectly adjusted to our requirements and a fixed part of the future of our business. ” – Tim Weckström, CEO at Finnover

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