Sonja und Max im Interview

Coffee with Sonja and Max, Customer Solution Management

“Soloplan gives great opportunities,” Sonja, Customer Solution Manager.

Good morning Sonja and Max, you are both long-time Soloplan employees. As customer solution managers, you are responsible for the successful implementation of our logistics software with major customers all over the world. What do you like most about your job?

Sonja: To me, organising and planning the individual appointments with different customers is the most interesting. In the end, you can see how the project has grown and is successfully completed. To guarantee that, we work together closely with the Development Department, our product managers and the Sales Department. I appreciate the good cooperation very much.

Max: What I appreciate the most is the flexibility, which allows me to work autonomously and independently. In addition to that, no day is the same as another and there are always new challenges waiting for us. I also enjoy the international contact with our customers and the on-site appointments all over the world. On those appointments, we can see our logistics software CarLo in action and the advantages it brings for our customers.

Which qualities are good to have as a customer solution manager?

Max: In my opinion, a customer solution manager needs to be a good team player and communicative. Every day, we have a lot of contact with our customers and try to implement their requirements in the best possible way. That only works if you can organise well and continually stay in touch with the customers.

Sonja: I agree, you need to be able to organise the tasks and milestones that arise well and always have an eye on the whole picture.

Which developments did you make while working at Soloplan–both professionally and personally?

Max: Apart from the professional training sessions, we also complete personal trainings, for example in the areas of communication or time and project management. Talking to colleagues who work in the Development or Service Department also helps us determine new solution approaches.

Sonja: We regularly take part in product trainings in order to deepen our knowledge and find out about new product developments. After my studies, in particular, I was able to quickly increase my knowledge in the sector that way. In addition, as a project manager, you have a high degree of personal responsibility from the very beginning, which helps you grow fast.

The Allgäu Alps, many lakes, and a historic old town. What else does Soloplan City have to offer as a location?

Sonja: We have an excellent location with a good infrastructural connection and plenty of parking spaces right in front of the door. Another thing I no longer want to do without is the height-adjustable desks and the air-conditioning in the office rooms.

Max: And don’t forget our roof terrace, where we often spend our lunch break.

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Soloplan is the world’s leading logistic software provider. What do you think is the key to our success?

Sonja: CarLo is not an inflexible product, but goes with the market and demand and individually adapts to the requirements of our customers. In my opinion, this contributes significantly to our success.

Max: For instance, CarLo can be used both by a 5-person company as well as by global groups. Furthermore, Soloplan continuously develops, which you can see by looking at our customer base. We have extended our scope to cover not only road transport, but also air and sea transport, and the product family of our software continues to grow by practical add-ons every year. That way, we are able to meet the great demand in the logistics sector.

What makes the IT sector interesting?

Sonja: Software development is a very wide field of activity and the sector is always developing. Here, as well, Soloplan offers many possibilities and is a real provider of opportunities who always deals with the latest trends in technology.

Max: In addition, the IT sector is a very future-proof sector that will continue to grow steadily in the course of digitalisation. In that context, very exciting topics such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, or machine learning also come up.

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