Impressions from the Soloplan teams in POLAND & DRESDEN

We were glad to see the nice photos of our Soloplan teams in POLAND & DRESDEN. Last week, employees from the company headquarters in Kempten visited the branch offices in Dresden and Poland. At Soloplan, we appreciate these regular visits very much, since they help us strengthen the solidarity of the team across the 7 branch offices. That is why, at Soloplan, we have the stated goal of giving employees from all departments an insight into the other branch offices and providing them with the opportunity of getting to know their colleagues personally on site.

The goal of the current visits to the branch offices were the annual employee interviews and information about new developments within the company by the HR department. Together with the HR department, employees from the development team travelled to the branch offices in order to have a professional exchange with their colleagues. Of course, fun is not to come up short next to work. That is why, on the occasion of the Christmas season, chocolate Santas were handed out to each employee.

In the Dresden branch office, which was opened in 2013 and by now has 20 employees, a catered dinner took place. The next stop was the branch office in Katowice, Poland, which was founded in 2011. Together with the 15 employees, a convivial dinner above the rooftops of Katowice took place, during which two jubilarians celebrating their 10-year company anniversary at Soloplan were honoured as well.

In addition to our existing, successful branch office in Katowice, a second branch office has been fully established in Wroclaw (PL). The first employee of the branch office in Wroclaw, Krzysztof, is already in Kempten (DE) for training and is looking forward to his future tasks.

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