Interview with Andreas, International Sales Manager

Responsibility right from the start.
During my internship, I was already able to implement a number of projects on my own responsibility and was responsible for presentations abroad, trade fair appearances and customer appointments, for example.
International Sales Manager

Hi Andreas, this time last year you were still studying business administration at the University of Kempten. Now, you travel all around the world as an international sales manager.
You started as an intern in 2018, how did your career progress after that?
After my internship in the sales department I wrote my bachelor thesis on “Brexit and its consequences on the transport logistics sector” at Soloplan. Afterwards, I started working for Soloplan as an international sales manager and I have been working for the International Sales Department ever since.

You travel a lot as an international sales manager. Which project stands out in your memory?
The first project that I was able to accompany from beginning to end was earlier this year. Our first Australian customer. I especially remember that project because it is different from the usual logistics requirements, for example because the Australian traffic regulations are very different from the German ones.

What is your favourite part of your job?
Every day, I am in contact with different customers from various countries and I can see how they work with our logistics software CarLo. Both 2-man companies as well as large groups use our software to optimise their company processes. That diversity and the differences make working in the sales department interesting and multifaceted.

How has Soloplan helped you develop?
Even during my internship, I was allowed to implement some projects on my own and was, for example, responsible for presentations in other countries, trade fair presentations and customer appointments. I also used the opportunity to take part in internal product trainings to learn about CarLo in detail. That way, I was able to quickly learn a lot about the sector and the products. When it comes to sales, I learnt a lot in trainings and by talking to colleagues with many years of experience.

What is your favourite product, your favourite CarLo function and why?
Generally, I think it is very interesting that we develop a product that pushes digitisation forward and supports it. My favourite is the new OCR scanning function with which you can convert manually created documents to PDFs with one click.  More on that here.

Why should young people aspire to a career at Soloplan?
Soloplan offers countless career opportunities for students, university students, young professionals or experienced professionals. Here, everybody can develop professionally and research innovative technologies or even help develop it themselves.

You also want to become part of Soloplan?
Then take a look at our open positions  – we look forward to receiving your application!