Interview with Christoph: An insight into the work of a Customer Solution Manager at Soloplan

Hi Christoph, thank you for taking the time for a short interview. Please tell us what your job is at Soloplan and for how long you have been doing it.

I have been working as a Customer Solution Manager at Soloplan in Dresden since March 2020. Therefore, I carry out customer service tasks, mainly field work. Back then, an acquaintance told me about Soloplan, and, looking back, I am very thankful for that.

Can you briefly describe your tasks in Soloplan’s CSM department?

Most of time, I am on the road and at the customer’s premises to work on certain open points regarding our software with the customer. Before these customer appointments, I work in the office and discuss these points with the customer. Working with customers, you meet the meet all kinds of people, as no customer is the same, and their wishes and expectations of our software differ as well. This makes my work very diverse and it is never boring.

In addition to trainings at the customer’s location, we offer so-called Academies in our offices. Since we moved last year, we have not only one, but three training rooms. When such a training takes place, I welcome the customers over coffee in the morning before I start the training. There, the customers learn to work with CarLo as efficiently as possible. We then have lunch together. Afterwards, we continue the training until early in the evening. This process is repeated for trainings that take multiple days.

In your opinion, what makes CarLo stand out?

In short, its versatility. CarLo can display, facilitate and optimise the entire daily business of a forwarding or logistics company from A to Z. And all that without paper–fully digitised and automated. Another positive aspect is that the user is in charge and the programme can be customised ideally for them. We do not try to adapt the customer to the programme, but the programme to the customer.

When it comes to work, what was your greatest success?

That would have to be every successful customer project where the customer is happy at the end and is looking forward to the future cooperation with us. Then, you can be proud of yourself and know you did a good job. In turn, this appreciation motivates you to ensure that the next customer is just as satisfied.

What do you value most about your job and Soloplan?

I especially like the comradery at Soloplan. Together, we always find a solution for tricky challenges as soon as possible. Even if I am doing field work at the moment and need a colleague’s help, I know that I can always rely on them. Moreover, the atmosphere here is very familial and personal. I value and enjoy that.

Additionally, my job at Soloplan allows me to see many places in Germany and abroad. After I finish working at the customer’s offices, I often have time to visit new cities that I may never have visited without this job. I enjoy that a lot as well.

Thank you for the informative interview and the great insights into your job and Soloplan, Christoph!

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