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Interview with Julian: From apprentice to working student

Modern, young, individual – this is Soloplan.”
Working student in the marketing department

Hello Julian, in 2015, you started your career as an apprentice in Soloplan’s marketing department. How was your start and which tasks did you carry out during that time?

Six years ago, there were only three of us on the marketing team, as, after all, the department was still relatively new at Soloplan. I was immediately involved in many tasks and felt very comfortable right from the start–precisely because we were only a very small, close team. My first project was assisting during the creation of our new homepage–without any prior experience with WordPress or html. Our motto was “learning by doing”–after all, everyone on our team needed to become familiar with the topic first. But it was very useful, as, since then, I know WordPress fairly well. During my apprenticeship, I also visited several fairs: LogiMAT in Stuttgart, the IAA in Hanover and the Trans Poland fair. That way, I got around quite a bit and learned very much, particularly about fair organisation.

How did your tasks change over the years?

Within the course of the six years, the areas of responsibility have developed considerably–especially in the area of online marketing. For example, the topic of social media was not even remotely similar to what it is now. All we had was a Facebook page, but we were definitely focussing on other topics at the time. As time went on, Soloplan’s marketing department continued to grow, and we were thus naturally able to cover a significantly broader range of tasks.

Now, you are in your fifth semester of studying business administration at the University of Kempten and are employed at Soloplan as a working student. What does your job as a working student look like, specifically?

As I am only here 8 hours a week during the semester, I naturally have a reduced number of tasks. I usually work on smaller topics, such as updating the homepage or preparing webinars. During the semester breaks or, in particular, during my practical semester, that changes, of course, and then I am involved in significantly more projects, including bigger projects.

How do you manage to balance your studies and your job?

It is no problem at all for me. The communication in our team is excellent and if I have any open tasks at the end of the day, I can directly pass them on to my colleagues. I always have the impression that my studies are very much appreciated in spite of the work that arises in the company and that the department management is very understanding if I need to prepare for exams, for example.

How do you wind down best after work?

I enjoy spending my free time with friends or doing sports–I just need this balance after work. In the summer, I play a lot of tennis or go for a jog. Another thing I find very relaxing is cooking with friends in the evening. I don’t really need anything else to be able to wind down.

What makes Soloplan different from other companies?

Soloplan is an internationally active software company with over 200 employees. But whoever thinks that at Soloplan you are just a drop in the ocean is entirely wrong. The work atmosphere in the company is very close, we all know each other and we are all informal with each other. In my opinion, this is not a given for companies of this size–and it becomes clear with regards to the solidarity among the employees, as well.

What are your goals for your professional future?

I want to finish my bachelor’s degree first of all, of course, and then I definitely want to continue working in marketing. In the course of the last years, I have realised that marketing is definitely my thing and I enjoy it very much. The areas of content marketing and online marketing are particularly interesting for me. I am currently considering specialising in these areas.

Considering your young age, you have been with Soloplan for quite a long time already. Which moment or experience did you enjoy the most?

I was very glad I was allowed to go to a fair in Poland right at the beginning of my career at Soloplan–even though I was “only” an apprentice at that point. I very much appreciated that, even though I did not have very much work experience yet back then, they trusted me to work at our trade stand together with the other, more experienced employees.

One last question: If you work in marketing, you should be creative–in your opinion, which three words best describe Soloplan?

Modern, young, individual.

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