Interview with Patrick: Product manager by conviction

“At Soloplan, I grow every day!”

Patrick, Employee in the customer solution management department

Hi Patrick. You have been working in the product management department at Soloplan for almost 9 years. Do you have a fixed routine at the beginning of your working days?

I start my working day the classic way–by starting my computer and drinking a cup of coffee. Then, I go through my new e-mails and get an overview of the organisational tasks for the respective day and whether I have any appointments with colleagues or customers coming up. 

What does your everyday work look like in general?

Generally, my tasks range from supervising my project customers to checking and creating internal requirements to coordinating interfaces with our customers. However, due to the wide range of task areas, my everyday work is never the same, which makes my work nice and diverse.

Do you enjoy having a lot of contact with customers?

Yes, very much. Not only customer contact by phone, but also working directly at customer appointments at their locations is something I enjoy doing. It is especially fun when customers visit our company headquarters in Soloplan City and we can play the host.

Why did you choose Soloplan?

I became aware of Soloplan through a presentation at the technical college for business informatics in Memmingen. The presentation and the young team introduced in it as well as the company’s growth opportunities immediately piqued my interest. That is why I decided to send an application to Soloplan.

Were your expectations met?

Absolutely. The development and future perspectives presented by Mr Heidl in the interview have all proven true–both personally and in terms of the company policy. My switch from the QA department to the project management/customer solution management (CSM) department in particular went smoothly.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Not only the aforementioned customer contact, but also the diverse tasks and my work as a problem solver are just right for me. For me, there is nothing better than presenting possible solutions to problems that match the requirements to colleagues and customers .

How has Soloplan helped you develop?

As I have been with the company for a long time, I have already had the opportunity to grow and mature with Soloplan for nine years now. However, Soloplan has also always helped me develop my professional skills over the years.
In the course of my career with Soloplan, I was able to greatly expand my knowledge of the project business and logistics in particular.

What has made the biggest impact on you during your career at Soloplan and what do you like about your work?

At Soloplan, what influenced me most was the mentality of always wanting more and always moving forward. The development of our software CarLo over the years in particular is proof for that. This example of motivation impressed me very much and still has an impact on my daily work. Additionally, I very much appreciate the team spirit at Soloplan.

Which qualities are good to have as a customer solution manager?

Openness for everything and, in particular, for new challenges. Additionally, a positive and motivated attitude towards our project customers, no matter how great the challenges may seem at first. Reliability and solution-oriented work are also of great importance in the project business.

What is your personal outlook on the future as a Soloplan employee?

With my switch from the quality assurance department to the project management/customer solution management department back then, I already took a great step forward personally. However, I want to always continue developing and never stand still. Therefore, due to the tremendous growth of the company, I look into the future with great optimism.

What advice can you give to newcomers?

An important piece of advice on my part is the so-called 100-day rule. Take some time to get to know your new place of work first and don’t question everything right away. Don’t try to change all of the processes directly, but learn why they are the way they are first. Additionally, a positive aura is always important at work and shows your colleagues that you are motivated.

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